PINPILLS is 3D printed and hand colored pins with magnetic back. Magnetic back allows to place them wherever you want - they won't damage your clothes, even delicate fabrics. Pinpills are bigger and lighter than average pins. The frame of each pinpill is 3D printed. We produce pinpills of non-toxic, biodegradble PLA plastic derived from natural renewable resourses (such as corn starch, sugarcane, etc.) because we do care about environment and the future of our planet. Then each printed pin is hand colored with finish. Each one is singly produced in our New York based studio. Lot of our pins are made in a single copy, so you'll be the only one who owns a pin of this exact design. 


Accessories are like spices. They intensify the 'taste' of your outfit. Pinpills are designed to be such missing element. We hope that you can find your very own one on our website. 


As you can place pinpills wherever you want - there is countless number of outfit combinations you can create with them. There are no limits to your imagination. You can give a new life to your old clothes, refresh any outfit and make it unique. Give your clothes a new life. A new look. A new attitude. 


Why Pinpills? When we made our first items, they had no name for a while. One day our friend saw couple of wolf pins on my table, grabbed it, put it on her denim vest, looked in the mirror and said: “Well, that is just what the doctor ordered”. This is how we came up with the idea of 'pinpills' and this slogan. They really can be a medicine that can breathe new life into your clothes.
Our logo and our Rabbit pins were dedicated to our black rabbit named Patrick. He was such a brave and fearless guy. He could attack a big dog if he felt danger and he could be playful as a cat when he felt safe. This little pull of fur for real had a strong character.
“The very first pinpills were created just for me and my own use. It was something I had in my mind for a long time. Rabbit and wolf were our 'firstborns'. They had and still have a special meaning to me, and now I hope they could be very special for some of you. I started to wear it and people everywhere started to ask about it. The same was with my friends, they told me that lot of people are asking them where to get the same. We made several collections of pinpills, and this is how our story begins.” - founder and designer @ PINPILLS.  


There is a beautiful world around us, you just need to look around. Inspiration is everywhere. Most of our designs were inspired by the strength and grace of animals and mesmerizing beauty of wild nature, and we believe that pinpills can embrace some of that qualities. Just put in your mind all your strengths, all your will, all your bravery, all your kindness or any other your best qualities or qualities you wish to have into your pinpill and feel it inside while you are wearing it. Let it be your personal totem.